How to switch off live-edit temporary?


sometime I want to debug javascript but don't want to update Chrome the webpage.

So that would be greate, if I easily could switch on/off liveedit.

Is there a way? I don't see for now.


Jörg Wrase


In Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Live Edit, clear the Update application in Chrome checkbox. See, Activating Live Edit


Hello Elena,

thank you for your reply - but but unfortunately this doesn't work. 

When remove the checkboxes chrome is still updating the webpage.

For now I disable LiveEdit (that needs a restart from PHPStorm). 

This is a bad workaround - because I often use live edit - but then maybe I have to write some code and for a short moment I don't want to update chrome the

webpage. So for me the best solution would be if ther would be a button in the toolbar or something like this.

But if the checkbox "Update application in Chrome" would work - this would be a first step.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

This are my settings (and Chrome is still updating the webpage):


(I have also tried do disable Restart if hotswap fails - same result




You have disabled Live Edit, and disabling _does_ work. it must be smth else that refreshes your browser - your app must be using browsersync, hot reload or similar features.


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