Point() type column results render as binary (hex). Can I view/edit as Point(x,y)?


My first project with DataGrip involves a column of type "point" that stores gps coordinates. In other clients, elements show up as "POINT(-98.7654, 39.8475)". In Datagrip, it shows up as what I assume is a binary (hex) format. I haven't been able to find or search how to change this.

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@Ryan Mccants
Could you provide sample DDL and specify your DataGrip, database and jdbc driver version?

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Sorry to refloat such an old message, but I have the same issue and I haven't seen anything else about this. 

The data is displayed fine in other apps like dbeaver:


But all I can see in Datagrip is the hex representation:


The table DDL is this: https://pastebin.com/aDZ07QFr

I'm using DataGrip 2021.2 with a MySQL Azure database:

DBMS: MySQL (ver. 8.0.28)
Case sensitivity: plain=lower, delimited=lower
Driver: MySQL Connector/J (ver. mysql-connector-java-8.0.25 (Revision: 08be9e9b4cba6aa115f9b27b215887af40b159e0), JDBC4.2)





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naroh, thanks for your comment. I've filled DBE-15673. Feel free to follow it.


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