Remote debugger can't find 'ruby-debug-ide' gem in hello world script (Rubymine 2018.2)

I'm trying to remotely debug a simple "hello world" ruby script using a remote ruby SDK. I can properly run the script but cannot debug it.

About my setup:

  • Rubymine 2018.2
  • ruby-debug-ide (0.6.1) is installed -- I can visually see it in the gem listing for the remote SDK

How I trigger the error:

  • Run the "hello world" script using the remote SDK
  • Prompt shows "The gem ruby-debug-ide required by the debugger is not currently installed. Would you like to install it?"
  • When I click "Yes" in response to "Would you like to install it?", the status bar (correctly) tells me I don't have write permissions using the remote credentials (I shouldn't need to do this, the gem is already installed remotely)

Thanks in advance!


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