Add new record for boolean field not editable


Gven this table, I click the plus symbol to add a new row.

The other fields are editable as expected (dates, string)...the boolean field doesn't seem to be something I can change until it has been saved.

-- auto-generated definition
create table contact_emails
id serial not null
constraint contact_emails_pkey
primary key,
email varchar(255) not null
constraint contact_emails_email_unique
unsubscribed boolean,
created_at timestamp(0),
updated_at timestamp(0)

Also if I define the unsubscribed field default as "false", I only see the word "default" when adding a new row and can't set this to true/false at the time of entry.

This doesn't seem right and I would expect the same behaviour when editing a boolean field (cycling between false, null and true)

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