How to get PHPStorm to understand Lasso .html files?

I'm trying to do 2 things:

A) Get PHPStorm to understand Lasso.

B) Get PHPStorm to understand *.html files with tag <?LassoScript to be read as syntax Lasso + HTML (+JavaScript + CSS of course).

I'm not seeing anything in Preferences > File Types about Lasso, nor how to import a parser. 

Also some PHP files are named *.html, and I'm not seeing how to have PHPStorm parse Lasso files named *.html while also letting <?php files be read properly named *.html.


There's no support for Lasso in the platform, and no request for it. Please submit one:
Also, in PHP files, <? is bound to PHP, so that there's no way to not get inspection warnings on Lasso code there.


Can any other JetBrains editors support it?

Or could a definition file for another editor work, like something from Eclipse or VS Code or Sublime or Coda or something?



There's no support for Lasso in JetBrains products in general as nobody wrote such plugin.

Definition (or plugin) from other editor won't work either as all the platforms are different from head to toe.

However PhpStorm supports TextMate bundles so you can use some bundles from the web like or similar.


Eugene, <? is also used for XML, so it being "bound" to PHP doesn't mean anything unless the user is trying to code another language in a file extension set in the editor to be parsed as PHP (like .php).


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