Settings freezes PyCharm


I have the same problem as this post but with the latest 64-bit version version of PyCharm Community 2018.2.1 build #PC-182.3911.33.

When I go to File/Settings, PyCharm completely freezes. I have uploaded thread dumps created using jstack and named dump1.txt, dump2.txt, dump3.txt, dump4.txt


Thank you



I'm having the same problem.  It tells me that no python interpreter hasn't been configured.  If I click on Configure Python interpreter, or go to Settings, everything freezes.  I renamed the plugins directory instead of deleting it, and it still freezes.  I have the August 5th version, and it's a paid subscription.


Hi Dave, could you please create a ticket in our bug tracker and attach the whole log folder zipped from Help | Show Log in ...?


I am seeing this too. any fixes or workarounds?



Hi @Pravn The issue was related to the (anaconda) python interpreter. I think the updated IDE may have had a conflict with the version of python.exe that I was using. I updated python and all dependencies and the problem has not returned.

See this discussion


Same problem here,

PyCharm 2018.3.2 (Professional Edition)
Build #PY-183.4886.43, built on December 18, 2018
Windows 10 10.0


Hi Jm

Can you please record some thread dumps according to

And get the logs according to

You can bundle them in a .zip file and upload to , then let us know the file name


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