Table editor and its console

I somehow got RubyMine into a weird state, and I'm not sure how to fix it (without resetting everything).

Whenever I open a database table editor, RubyMine creates a new tab in my "database console" tool window. This new tab displays the underlying queries that populate the table editor, but this new tab immediately steals focus from other tabs in that tool window. If I switch back to another tab, the table editor closes!

This is especially annoying when I'm working in a database console (the text file containing queries) and viewing results in the "database console" tool window. If I open a table editor in a new window to cross-reference information, the result set I was looking at is hidden. If I switch back to the result set, the table editor is hidden!

Help? I wonder if I accidentally toggled some option with an accidental keyboard shortcut.

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I partially figured it out. Unchecking "Autoscroll to Editor" means I can switch between tabs in the tool window without closing my table editor. Unchecking "Autoscroll from Editor" does not prevent a new table editor console from stealing focus.

My table editor was closing completely because I have editor tabs disabled.


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