scala type aware highlighting button is error prone

Somehow the "scala type-aware highlighting" was disabled today.  I had to click the button in the bottom right of my IDE to enable this.  This had been on for months in my IDE and at some point it got turned off without me understanding this.  Clicking this button enabled highlighting again but that's not my concern.  My concern is it took me awhile to figure this out and I wasted a bunch of time trying to figure it out (googling this also was no help) and only another co-worker just happened to know about this button and suggested to me to check it.

So my real question is, why does this button exist?  There is no equivalent java button for example so this feature is inconsistent with java.  I likely mistakenly clicked this button (or maybe an upgrade disabled it or something or perhaps I hit the hot key by mistake) is there really a need for this feature/button?  It seems if you have the scala plugin installed and are editing a scala file it would be best to assume the user wants highlighting to be enabled.

I suggest removing this button entirely along with removing the hot key as well.




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