How do I see multiple Git tags in Version Control tool window?


Hi Folks. I find the tags shown in the version control tool window to be a little hard to identify. It's OK in the case of only a few tags, but more than that and it's hard to see them all. What I expected is that clicking on the commit would show the tags on the right side of the window where file details and optionally the commit message are, but I don't see the tags there. I understand I can hover the mouse over the tags to see them, but that doesn't work in the case where hovering over an auto-recognized URL causes it to expand and push the tags to the right. In that case, if I move the mouse over towards the tags, they go back to their same spot. It's a whack-a-mole situation. It would be helpful to see the tags on the right. Thank you.


First pic: Multiple tags, no hover. 2nd pic: hovering.





References (branches and tags) are listed in the Details pane, right after commit message and author:

BTW, on the screenshots, there are no tags, only local and remote branches. Anyway, the full list of references is shown in the Details.


Jeez, sorry I missed that. I tend to hide the message field :-O Also, my Git terminology is weak. I meant branches. I'm off today.


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