CSS path unresolved, after adding the correct Resource Root

This question has been beaten to death, but I tried 10 times, closing / reopening the project and PhpStorm, cannot get it to resolve ...

[ Using 2018.1.6 on Ubuntu ( waiting for 2018.2.1 to upgrade...) ]


`/font` cannot be resolved as a Directory (and thus the font file that follows)

And in Settings / Directories, the dir `resources` that contains `font` is declared as a `Resource Root`

And the `font` dir contains the fonts

All files and dirs belong to me, there is no access problem.

Really don't know what to do next...


Works fine for me using similar setup:

Please can you share a project that can be used to recreate the issue? Do you have any symlinks in the project path? What does your resource folder look like - is it a subfolder of your project root directory, a different content root, or a separate project added to current?


Hi Elena, thanks for looking into this.

I'll have to make a different project to give you something.

But, to answer your questions

- there are no symlinks (there)

- the files structure is something like, on the same file system

   /home/es/all/theproject ... main project (root)
   /home/es/all/resources ... that contains 'font' (not part of any project path)

As you can see, the 'resources' dir is not under 'theproject', could that be a problem?


Did you add /home/es/all/resources as additional content root to your project? Please provide a screenshot of your Settings | Directories page, with both left and right panels shown


This is it: (sahp is the PHP project)


So, do you have your main project added as a content root to /home/es/all/resources project? This configuration also works fine for me - I don't even need marking resources as a Resource root...

So it seems that I still need a project for testing



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