any way can see group-id / action id / input id ?

any way can see group-id / action id / input id for any component ?

for make plugin


or a way can see mouse over component 's id ?



and does anyone know this id ?



> any way can see group-id / action id / input id for any component ?

What do you mean by all these words? Sorry, I don't understand. Which component, what's input id?


Could you please answer all my questions?


i already answer, i don't knwo what u mean about all questions?


Which component, what's input id?


all thing is component

and input id is mean input field's id


same as i mark in pic (red area)


I think they want to know, whether IntelliJ provides some kind of functionality to discover group ids within the running IDE.

Like WinSpy but for IntelliJ, rather than searching through the XML sources


Christian, thanks!

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any ways to discover group/action ids from IDE UI.


i wanna try make search input field support menu


I was hoping for the same thing. I'd like to add an item to the context menu when you right click a file or folder in the "Project" tab. I've got no idea what the group is. 

1. Can you tell me?

2. Whats the easiest way for me to figure out things like this in the future?


1. It depends on the specific place in that popup. The whole popup menu is called "ProjectViewPopupMenu", and it contains a lot of other groups which might be more relevant for your task.

2. I'm afraid the easiest way is digging xml files in the IDE source (in this case LangActions.xml) where all these groups are defined.


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