How to change SVN repository?


Since years I'm checking in my scripts to a remove SVN repository. Since a few weeks PHPStorm reports conflicts with some file that I can't send to SVN anymore. I've tried to "cleanup", "resolve", "update", ... Nothing helped. In some desperation I dropped the remote SVN repository and created a new one. Then by VCS -> Subversion -> Create external I have tried to tell PHPStorm the new SVN. PHPStorm laughed at me still complaining about some confilcts. 

I found out that the old SVN path is still present and I can't change it: 

Tab "Version Control" -> Tab "Subversion Working Copies Information" -> URL: old SVN path

After dropping my remove SVN and spending hours to solve this problem PHPStorm starts driving me nuts!!!!

How can I tell PHPStorm: "Ignore any previous set SVN repositories and USE that NEW one!!!!!"


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All metadata (path to the repository, conflicts that have already occured and require resolution, current files statuse, etc) is saved locally in hte working copy, with the .svn folder. It is expected that changes to the remote repository do not affect working copy before an update is done. So dropping remote repository was unnecessary.

Now, since the remote repository is gone, you have couple options:

  1. Checkout a new working copy from the new repository, and manually apply changes from the old working copy. I would consider this the best option since you primary goal was to clean up conflicts and other issues in the working copy.
  2. Delete the .svn folder in the old copy, making it a simple folder, and import it into a new repository. This can result in some unresolved files or wrong changes appearing in the repo.
  3. Relocate existing working copy using svn command line or IDE gui. This will make the working copy to track new copy, however, will not clear conflicts most likely.

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