problem with cursor on mac, with multiple screens.

I use PHPStorm on MacBook pro (latest system), unfortunately since last few updated which you have mate to php storm there is an issue on multiple screen.

When I have PHPStorm on two screen, the secondary screen has issue that cursor is not active, I cannot edit anything, have to move it back to primary screen, this is really annoying issue.


I use latest PHPStorm and latest operating system on my mac.



Does secondary PhpStorm screen contain another project or is it just an editor window?

How the issue can be reproduced? Do you switch between apps or is there something else?


It is the same project, both screens are visible, so it is just a matter where I click to make it active, that secondary screen is connected through HDMI.

I was just now able to recreate it:

- I had both screens open, I have clicked secondary screen to scale to full window, and then everything was ok, next step was to move tab with open file from primary screen to secondary and then cursor do not work, cannot edit it until I will click back on primary screen and then I can edit on secondary screen


I too am having issues with multiple monitors.

If I drag a window out of the main application into a different monitor, I find that "sometimes" the mouse cursor is not responding. 

To be clear, I can click on the new window fine, and interact with it, BUT if I try and type, the characters go over into the other main window.. this generally results in characters inserted where they don't belong, and it makes it impossible to use my multiple monitors.

This is quite a huge issue for me, as I have 4 monitors on my computers. 

This does not happen "all" of the time, but it's probably 70% of the time.

NOTE: I'm currently running osx 10.12, but it was happening the same on 10.13.x

I also have the latest version of the all-products pack.. but mostly using Pycharm.


I've modified visibility for the issue, now you should be able to see it.


I also have problem on multiple monitors. I faced similar issue like Aniolekx but also when I have two screens and the same project opened on both of them and for example interface on one and implementation on second one, when I use alt+cmd+b to go grom interface to implementation of the method then the coursor stays in the interface.


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