How to use hints like " /*+ NestLoop(a e) */ " for PostgreSQL

Hi, I'm using to control query plan. This extension provides support of query hints. Hints have simple format, they are like comments which started with " /*+ ". For example:

/*+ NestLoop(a e) */explain analyse

select, e.created_at
from actor a
join execution e on = e.actor_id
where e.stage_id = 2

 This statement should force to use Nested Loop and it works in console, pgAdmin:

But not in DataGrip. It looks like DataGrip exclude comment from statement and i have Hash Join:

How can I use such hints in DataGrip for PostgreSQL? I've founded only this empty issue


Thanks for any help,


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only way to force datagrip to include hints is to add explain analyse above it. It would be extremely helpful if hints could be part of a normal execution/


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