ORACLE schema content completely missing. Only one of them.


I have seen the problem on DataGrip 2018.2
Build #DB-182.3684.106, built on July 25, 2018
Oracle 11XE(
Driver version and did'nt work either
The machine OS is Win 10 Ent. 64 bit.

I was used SQL Developer.
and It's all worked.

But at DataGrip.
I got a error Error encountered when performing Introspect database stuff completely: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist.
I have a three DB.
Two DB is working now.
But just one DB is not worked.
Test Connection is success and it's possible to make a table.
Just can't see the table.(not exist table)

please help me and My english is not good.

If you can't understand just tell me. Thank you.

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You created an issue in YouTrack . So, follow the progress there. 


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