How to ignore some "unresolved function" warnings (in Vue specifically)

I know this is a common question, and I understand why WS warns, but is there some way to work around this?

Many Vue properties fill the screen with warnings:

The above screenshot shows:

  • Vue prototype - $emit
  • Vuex mapped functions - setRiskScore
  • third party mixins - $translate, $notify

Is there a way to tell WS about the properties, or a safe way to partially ignore them?




For me, $emit is correctly resolved to the corresponding function definition in node_modules/vue/types/vue.d.ts:


not sure about other properties, but normally they should be resolved as well.

Please can you share a sample project that shows up your issues?


Unfortunately I can't submit this project, but I could create a sample project, of course.


Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon


Similarly, I've just started on a Vue 3 application using the Composition API for the components. I get the same kind of warning about the undefined nature of reactive properties that are defined in the setup method but are not recognised as such when used in the template. See the following example for the navigateToLoan method (squiggly underlined for unresolved method):

I know that this is a tricky parsing operation for the IDE, but you do it so well in so many cases.

JetBrains Vue Plugin: 212.4746.57
IntelliJ IDEA: 212.4746.92 (Ultimate)

Thanks for reading.


Works fine for me in 212.5284.41 (2021.2.2):

could you check if upgrading makes things any better?


Thank you for the reply. Yes, upgrading has fixed the problem. Have upgraded to:

Intellij IDEA: 212.5284.40
Vue plugin: 212.5284.22

The squiggly line is gone, and navigate to "Declaration or Usages" works too. Yay!

Thanks for following up; very much appreciated.


Great, thanks for letting me know!


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