Importing webdriver from selenium cannot find reference

Hi there!

I've installed selenium from pip and it seems to be worked fine. When I write 'from selenium import webdriver', the last is shown and I can found out the folder under Python36>selenium>webdriver. But the problem is PyCharm say "Cannot find reference 'webdriver' in 'imported module selenium'" and can't see why...

Any idea?


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1. Please check the project interpreter configured. See below example to locate it on Pycharm

2. If 1 does not work, pip uninstall selenium and pip install -U selenium ( I observed it with some users that though they installed selenium not all required files are installed, I would recommend you to uninstall and install selenium)

3.if both do not work for you, read below links from stackoverflow to try some more options: 

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Just name your pytnon file NOT !!!
It is not looking for webdriver in selenium, but in your file, where you are trying to connect it


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