Going insane, Webstorm debugger isn't showing all results when inspecting


Trying to debug things and inspect what is actually going on is getting really annoying due to this. It looks like Webstorm is suddenly only showing a ~100 items when inspecting things. 


According to this it implies that when sorted alphabetically `login` is the last method listed. However i knwo for a fact this is WRONG. Because there are methods like upsert, and other properties that exist after login.



Is there some button somewhere that i simply cannot see?


WebStorm indeed shows first 100 items by default, but it allows to see more on double-clicking Double-click to see link in the bottom:


can you share a sample project we can use to recreate the issue? What WebStorm version do you use?


Hi in my screenshot above, i do not see the equivalent of `...(900 more items. Double-click to see)`. Which is why i am confused. Is there any option somewhere that prevents me from seeing that option?


No, there are no options (even hidden); it's hardcoded


Hi sorry, here is a super simple example:

Build version: WebStorm 2018.1.2 Build #WS-181.4668.60 April 23, 2018

// test.js

const _ = require('lodash');
const bar = _;
console.log(bar); // Break to inspect here

I don't see the `more items`

However there are methods like merge, etc. That follow identity, and i have no way to view them. 



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