Ignore Date Time / Regex In Logs


If I compare 2 logs differences are shown due to the log prefix


2018-08-18 12:57:37.698 DEBUG 31706 --- [           main] o.s.w.s.h.BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping      : Rejected bean name 'org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jackson.JacksonAutoConfiguration$JacksonObjectMapperConfiguration': no URL paths identified


2018-08-18 13:00:51.796 DEBUG 32417 --- [           main]o.s.w.s.h.BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping      : Rejected bean name 'org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jackson.JacksonAutoConfiguration$JacksonObjectMapperConfiguration': no URL paths identified


In this case the log prefix isn't just date time but also pid so being able to ignore prefix based on regex and not just standard patterns would be cool.


The use case here is that the web application fails after upgrading a dependency with no obvious errors in the logs so I am comparing the logs to look for any subtle differences.

e.g. the above is in both so it can't be the reason why it is no longer working.

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