Find in Path not working in 2018.1.2 - solved


 Just applied the 2018.1.2 update to my PHPStorm installation. After the update I found out that "Find in Path" didn't actually find all instances of the text. Based on searching here I invalidated caches and restarted, but still same problem. In other posts, problems related to the .gitignore plugin was suggested. I did not have gitignore installed so I did not pay any attention to that initially.

Running out of options I disabled the "Git Integration" plugin and restarted PHPStorm. To my surprise, Find in Path started to work. Missing Git integration was not an option so I re-enabled the plugin again. Top my surprise, "Find in Path" still works...

Keeping fingers crossed.

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same issue in webstorm

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Perhaps I have found the solution, I am using some theme plugin to change the theme of IDE. I just uninstall that and things going well.


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