PhpStorm keeps indexing over and over again and close all open files !

Just from this morning my PHPStorm start to beahve very odd.

Keeps indexing files over and over and closes all open files.

I tried all I could:

1. removed .idea directory and started from scratch

2. invalidate & restart

Nothing works !


Are project files located on NFS volume? Do you have any backup/syncing software monitoring project files?



files are inside LXC container and I do not have any backup/syncing software monitoring them,

I disabled in System settings -> Synchronize files on frame or editor tab activation and it helped.

Another odd behavior I notices is when I click  Synchronize icon, all files are closed and project windows open directories and files are closed and folded


You can run Help > Compress Logs & Show in ... and upload resulting archive somewhere for us to take a look.



1) I can see 2 project locations in a log: 

- /home/***/WORK/***/lib/opensrs-lib/

- /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/lxd/containers/***/rootfs/home/ubuntu/h88...

Are you experiencing issues with both? I don't have any experience with LXC and not sure how exactly they work: is it possible to check if the issue occurs with project not stored in LXC containers?

2) there's an issue with some gif file indexing. Please try to mark directories with .gif files as "excluded" (right click in a project view > Mark as .. > Excluded)


In my case, constant reindexing was caused when I accidentally removed read permission for the project root directory; restoring the permission solved the problem. (Also, loads of log entries about virtual files not being found were generated.)


Hi all!
I have the same problem. While indexing is running and close all files and folders again and again.
Help me please with this issue. Log file is here


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