PhpStorm Localhost 404 Not Found


I try to run my files, like /path/to/htdocs/weather.php, on localhost, and it says 404 Not Found, with the PhpStorm logo on the tab.

Here's a screenshot:if y'all need more info, just ask!


Hi there,

The URL (and favicon) suggests that you are using PhpStorm's built-in simple web server.

It requires URLs to be in this form: http://localhost:PORT/PROJECT_NAME/path/to/file.php. PROJECT_NAME part is required (it acts like a domain name in proper web server -- to identify what project/files to serve).


  • "forMe" in your URL - is it a project name or part of the file path?
  • I'm not sure if it handles nice URLs ("fun/games/naval") -- maybe only real paths to files can be used (like "path/to/weather.php"; sorry, not using it myself -- using proper web server).

Oh my god, it worked when I added htdocs before the path! Thanks!


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