CLion (+ns3) missparse of C++ method implementation


I am currently working on some networking simulation with ns3 and made it work with cmake/clion. To implement some first experiments I copied the source of a current ns3-application (UdpEchoServer/-Client/-Helper) and it does work well. Up to one small part that just baffles me.

The UpdTestClient class contains some methods, of those only two(!) are misrecognized by clion.

These are:

void UdpTestClient::SetFill(uint8_t fill, uint32_t dataSize) { ... }
void UdpTestClient::SetFill(uint8_t * fill, uint32_t fillSize, uint32_t dataSize) { ... 

CLion gives the following errors for the first:

Expected ',' or ')' between uint8_t and fill

Can't resolve variable fill.

And for the second:

Can't resolve variable 'uint32_t' for the first uint32_t

Can't resolve variable 'fillSize'

Expected ',' or ')' betweent he two

Duplicate declaration of global variable 'dataSize'


The code compiles and works as intended (as it is just a renamed copy of some ns3 code anyways), but I can't imagine how to prevent this and the formatting problems this produces, as auto formating does not work on missunderstood code.

I would be glad for any links or suitable google terms (the error messages lead to non helpful google results, sorry) or a way to silence that part of the code and manually format it without getting it messed up by autoformat the next time.

Thank you,



I have the same issue, but deleting the CMake cache and reloading the CMake project usually solves it. 


Hi! I was wondering, how did you manage to make ns3 work with cmake?
Thanks a lot in advance


I'm awfully late to answer that, but I've replaced all waf stuff with cmake. I've opened a PR with the upstream project.


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