Turn off Property placeholder resolution?


I work with a lot of XML files that contain property placeholders of the type used by Spring (typically ${my.property.name}):  Occasionally the IDE will be "helpful" and display the resolved value of a property instead of the name of the property, for example instead of ${db.driver} the value would be displayed as "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver".    Here's a real life example:

I find that this behavior drives me crazy, because I can never tell if something's hardcoded or if I'm looking at a helpfully resolved property value.   I've searched the settings for "property resolver", "resolution", "Spring" and everything else I can think of.   How do I turn this feature off?   Does anyone know?  






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Please try disabling I18 strings option in Code Folding settings: https://stackoverflow.com/a/49209232/2000323. Does it help?

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That appears to have worked!   Thank you very much!


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