Find in Path Preview

I would request that a label saying 'Only first 100 instances listed, may appear elsewhere' be slapped on top of the Find In Path Preview results popup window in RubyMine. 

Is it possible to do a search and go straight to the Open in Find Window view not the preview ?

I have learned that the popup window is called the 'Preview' but the window is just titled 'Find in Path' for me, I assumed it was all results.

I'm a big fan of RubyMine.

This issue has recently caused me some wasted time.

I had removed a column from a database and my automated tests were failing because they were expecting the column. I searched for it in the code and although it appeared many times in a generated errors web page and a log file (over 100 times :) ) it didn't appear anywhere else.

For the life of me I couldn't understand why the tests were looking for the column.

I had assumed '100+ matches in 6 files' mean't that it only was found in those six files which I knew weren't causing the problem.

Now it seems I will need to do a Find In Path and then Open in Find Window if the result set is 100+.

I tried to adjust the property so the preview would list more results but apparently that's not possible in my version of RubyMine.



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