Duplicate tool windows (multiple tool windows of the same kind)



I work with multiple screens (and I think a lot of programmers do now) and I would love to be able to hold open two editors AND the same tool windows on each editor. (i.e.) Imagine each window having the project tool window open, or the database window...

This way I can easily switch between files for each editor that is active. 


I understand that this might cause issues when opening a file in editor window #1 when it is already open in editor window #2,  but we could either close the file on the other window or just enable duplicate writing to the file (so you basically type on multiple editors at the same time if the same file is opened)

Either way I just want to be able to code in two editors and use my project explorer on each one simultaneously...

Is this something that is already possible, or something i could request as a future feature ? 


Thanks in advance :) 


Hi there,



I knew about the editor tabs being draggable, the tool windows not being possible is something i suspected as well, I only posted this question to see if this could become a feature to be honest... :)


You can post it as Feature Request ticket to the Issue Tracker  for sure. But I really doubt that it will be implemented (in nearest future at very least).


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