Project Pane active after failed compass compile


Compass support

Compass executable file: /usr/local/bin/compass
Config Path: /Users/USERNAME/work/CLIENTNAME/themes/THEMENAME/config.rb

File Watcher

Files to Watch
- Name: Compass SCSS
- File Type: SCSS
- Scope: Project Files

Tool to Run on Changes
- Program: /usr/local/bin/compass
- Arguments: compile /Users/USERNAME/work/CLIENTNAME/themes/THEMENAME $UnixSeparators($FilePath$)$
- Output paths to refresh: /Users/USERNAME/work/CLIENTNAME/themes/THEMENAME
- Working directory: /Users/USERNAME/work/CLIENTNAME/themes/THEMENAME


If I pause in the middle of writing in the SCSS file, the file watcher will trigger and compile the SCSS to CSS. After the compile occurs, the Project Pane gains focus instead of sending me back to the file I was editing. This didn't happen prior to 2018 version of PHPStorm. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

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Hi there,

A bit offtopic.. but why not disable executing file watcher in the middle of writing? In other words -- so it only runs when file gets saved / when IDE sees no errors in it?

In any case -- this one looks related:


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