How to close database consoles permanently?


Sorry if this seems like a noob question but, I have been looking everywhere in the IDE and online for how to close these consoles permanently. For example, when I close the tabs then go to the console button on the database window every console I have ever opened in the history of PhpStorm shows up.

Please see attached image below.

This is not a major issue but its pretty annoying. So, any help will be appreciated.


Hi there,

What's you IDE version?

In 2018.1 the Project View panel has separate node that lists all scratch files, DB consoles and other similar stuff -- you can delete them there.

In 2017.3 and possibly older it can be reached via Scopes dropdown in the same Project View panel (you know -- where it says "Project" or "Project files" etc -- it could be a dropdown .. or could be as tabs -- depends on that panel settings)


Thanks for your response.

I found the scratch files and console but I only see two folders with no items in them. Do I delete the folders? And if i do delete them will that delete all the consoles. I still want to keep my latest console.

Thanks again


No .. there should be files.

The fact that you have GUIDs instead of proper folder names suggests that you may be using an older IDE version (latest is 2018.1.3). Such issue was fixed and seems to display folders fine here in my test project.

In general I do not really use DB console (prefer another standalone app) .. so cannot comment too much on how exactly those consoles will look for you (when you have quite a few of them).


I am using 2018.1. However, I have been using PhpStorm for years, importing settings from version to version. Is it is possible that some settings got messed up while updating?


Please upgrade to the latest 2018.1.3


Yep that fixed the issue. Thanks Andriy!


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