PLSQL Code Formatting

 I am using both IntelliJ and Datagrip.


For some tasks, I prefer using Datagrip, especially if it's database heavy. Now, I am coding my PLSQL package in Datagrip but find that the file and code doesn't get recognised as a PLSQL package. I've set the dialect to Oracle and both images are from the same package:


Now, see the same from IntelliJ 


In IntelliJ you can collapse, variables get highlighted but not so i Datagrip.


Now I think I had this in datagrip as well, so probably some sort of setting that is off.

Please help


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Are you sure, that database tree show the same amount of objects in IntelliJ and DataGrip?

I.e. add ploicy_line to the database tree in DataGrip.


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