DataGrip - connection issues to Sybase database


I'm currently evaluating DataGrip, trying to connect to a Sybase database on our internal network.

I have completed all necessary fields (server,port,database,login,password), and selected the Sybase (Native) driver.

However, the "Test Connection" Button is still grayed out.

I know the database URL is correct, because it is identical to the one I am using successfully through DB Visualizer.

Using DataGrip version 2018.1.2

Target Sybase Server is Sybase ASE 15.7 EBF 23814

Any thoughts?

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Hi! Please, use jtds driver - you will be offered to download it.

If you need to use Native driver, please, download it yourself and select it in DataGrip.

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I am using jtds driver that I downloaded through DataGrip to connect to a remote Sybase database, and am getting the following error:

[08S01] Network error IOException: Connection refused (Connection refused)

Is this a problem on my end or on the server end?



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Do you have any other ways to check if your sever is up?



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