DataGrip 2018 and SQLite connection problem



I'm working on a sample app for an open source library. I'm working on Windows 10 and I retrieve my sqlite database from the emulator with the command (package name is reported only to clarify command):

adb shell "run-as com.abubusoft.kripton.examples.rssreader cat /data/user/0/com.abubusoft.kripton.examples.rssreader/databases/rss.db" > data.db

Once done this operation, I try to open the database file as SQLite database in DataGrip 2018. I've tried with different Xerial JDBC driver, but nothing works... during connection, DataGrip waits forever.

Can you help me?

Tnx in advance


PS: Sample project is available here:

The database is available here


Please, send logs to They can be found in Help -> Show logs in...


Hi! Luckily, I found the solution: the problem was the command used to transfer database from emulator to local storage:


Before API 24

adb pull /data/data/com.abubusoft.kripton.examples.rssreader/databases/rss.db


API 24 and later

adb exec-out run-as com.abubusoft.kripton.examples.rssreader cat ./databases/rss.db > rss.db


I use the command "Before API 24" on an emulator with API 26, so the database was downloaded corrupted.



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