Help me make Rubymine breakpoints work like phpstorm.

I'm a very infrequent and beginner Rails developer, and I'm confused and tired of googling.  I just want Rubymine to do what PHPStorm does for me, if it's possible.

I'm on OSX 10.13, Rails 5.2.0, Ruby 2.3.1.

I make a bunch of breakpoints in various controllers, models, and views.

I do "rails s" in terminal to run my app locally. 

I open Chrome and navigate to the places in my app where I expect the breakpoints to pause execution, like when I run my php apps with xdebug+phpstorm.

Only, it doesn't.  Execution never pauses in Rails+Rubymine.

Is there a browser plugin I'm missing?  Or a Gem?  Or a Rubymine plugin?

Everything I find online appears to address breakpoints in the console or when doing remote debugging (rubymine is local, app is running remotely, I assume).  I don't care about the rails console or remote connections.  I want to step through my local code as I run the app in the local browser, again, like php+phpstorm+xdebug.

I saw this:

but I don't even have breakpoints working in views. That would be a nice start.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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