File watcher with node-sass. PhpStorm won't upload after change

Hi, i managed to setup a file watcher with node--sass and it's working good. But even though i did setup PHPStorm to upload a file when it detects external changes, i have to focus out of PHPStorm and then back to PHPStorm for the new compiled css file to be uploaded.


Is there a way to upload it as soon as the compile css file is created?


Many thanks


Hi there,

1) Show your file watcher settings (screenshot). Quite possible you have not set it up completely.

2) As I understand you have enabled of auto-uploading of external changes .. as that's how such generated files are treated in such context.


Hi and thank tou for your fast answer.

I'll post the screenshots as soon as i am back at work tomorow.

I have indeed checked rhe option to upload external changes.

I have also checked the option of the file watcher to auto-save edited files.

Mayve it has to do with the custom context i setup for the file watcher?


1) What file is not getting uploaded and 2) what is your File Watcher settings?


Here is my setup (the file circle in red is not uploaded when compiled): 


You need to adjust path in "Output paths to refresh"

Right now IDE looks for generated file in the same folder as source file (as per your settings) .. but actual generated .css file is one folder up (the "../" part)

So you must add "../" there as well. Try it.


Super! It is working!


Many thanks to you Andriy!


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