Exclude $this from find usages of class

I would like to exclude $this instances from the results of "Find Usages" when used on a class. Is this possible? The $this instances are crowding out the more important (to me) usages outside of the class itself.


Hi there,

AFAIK - not possible (no such option).

But in Search Results tool window (where all usages/results are listed) you may exclude/remove specific line or whole file/folder at once (will need to be done each time you perform such search though).


At the same time, these tickets seem related -- have a look.


Thank you. I will follow the ticket. PHPStorm had the better behavior in a previous version but I recently upgraded to find things changed. Sometimes I cannot even see now where a class is instantiated because there are too many $this references. I really hope the old behavior is re-implemented, at least optionally.


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