Code completion auto inserts on return since 2018.1.2

In the code completion settings I've turned off everything except "Auto-display code completion".

When the popup shows, the first item is auto hightlighted and even if it's in no way related to what I want to do, it will always be inserted when I hit return.


When I hit return to move to the next line it will insert that suggestion.

It absolutely didn't do this before the most recent update, I now have to leave code completion off since it will always insert on return.


I was also annoyed by this... but apparently there is a Keymap option that can be adjusted:

Preferences->Keymap->Editor Actions->Choose Lookup Item

...which is set to 'Enter'.  I removed the key entirely, but one could map it to Control-Enter or Command-Enter if one finds it useful.  I'd rather use the mouse to select from autocompletions.


Hi Solomon, 

I have tried the same option, the problem with that setting is that in the console window after typing some commands you need to type enter/return twice for the command to be run! 

Example that works for me: 

irb(main):014:0>>> p = "test"
p = "test"
=> "test"
irb(main):015:0>>> a = p # pressed enter, nothing happened. 

a = p # after pressing enter again
=> "test"



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