PHPStorm keeps trying to open Chrome in my VM

I have PHPStorm installed on my Mac. I have Chrome installed on my Mac, and it's the default browser.

Whenever I try to check my code in Chrome using the browsers to the right of my coding area, it tries to open Chrome on my Win10 VM.

I have no idea how to make it stop. I want it to open a page in Chrome on my Mac. Can anyone please help?

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Hi there,

What software do you use for your VM? I mean -- VMware Fusion perhaps .. or some another?

I'm a Windows user .. but once helped with setting up VMware Fusion on Mac to run one specific Windows-only app (like 6 or so years ago). And I do remember that it had such options -- it could forward requests to specific apps to be launched inside VM.

So check your VM management software settings.


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