Database console shortcut keys not functioning

I'm trying to have a shortcut key so when I run an sql statement by hitting ctrl-enter, I can then hit another shortcut key to go to the results pane (database console) and arrow key through the results.  In the previous version I setup ctrl-\ to do it and it worked great.  In the new version ctrl-\ does nothing so I switched to Alt-F3 which does something at least but not what I want.  If I'm already in the results pane and hit Alt-F3 then it will close the pane, but if I hit it again when I'm back in the editor it won't do anything.

Here is where I'm putting the shortcut in.

Pretty confused at this point.  My work flow I used to have and want back is be working in the editor on some sql, hit ctrl-enter to run the query, hit ctrl-\ to go to the result set, arrow key through the results, then ctrl-\ again to go back to the editor.  Essentially I want to be able to go back and forth between the editor and the results similar to how Alt-F1 goes back and forth between the connections/database window and the editor.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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>I setup ctrl-\ to do it 

On what action? Can you please elaborate?



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