Flow inspection errors are not displayed


I followed the following article to setup flow in my project : https://blog.jetbrains.com/webstorm/2016/11/using-flow-in-webstorm/

Here is my configuration :

I made a little test file :

And I expect a flow error to be highlighted in the code.

The flow error is, on the other hand displayed, in the flow panel :

I checked the Inspection panel in the configuration, and I noticed that flow errors are not shows by default...

I manually added the Flow errors in the code inspection :

but still nothing...

I'm using Webstorm 2018.1.3 (Build #WS-181.4892.44).

Thanks in advance.


Do you have any symlinks in the project path?


Yes I have and if I change the path to avoid the symlink the error show up :)

Thanks for your help


I am not aware of any symlinks in my project. I am using Create React App and Flow sidebar doesn't report any errors in IDE, although flow itself - does, in the terminal

How can I check if there are symlinks in project path??



What IDE and Flow versions do you use, what OS are you on?


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