Confusing Setup -

First, I love PHPStorm but setup is terribly confusing.  I am moving from PHPEd.

Here is what I want for a setup for all of my projects

  1. Source files reside on a 1GB network share on a server on my network. Server is used only for my personal development.  It is plenty fast.
  2. To run these scripts I use a url of http://www.sitename.local so that they run on the local server. I do not want them to run on the phpstorm machine with localhost. 
  3. When I have a file working the way I want it, I want to be able to upload it to a production server via FTP.

Currently I have to open an FTP client to upload each file.

It seems that I have to set my local server as the Deployment server if I want to run scripts locally.  I don't see a way to add a second server as the production server.

I would appreciate instructions on how to accomplish this or a link to a reference that explains it.



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Hi there,

If you do not have -- define deployment entry and use it when needed.

If you already have one defined (for other needs, e.g. your test/dev server etc) -- define 2nd one ... and use "Deploy to..." and then specify what server to use.

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Thanks, I have it working.

I think I now grasp that I can have several deployment servers.



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