DataGrip AutoComplete Not providing Correct Column Names

I'm trying to understand why DataGrip autocomplete is adding "_SEQ" to a large amount of my column names. It's screwing up the reason I use DataGrip, an autocomplete that is actually responsive.


Here is example, the column names are just ORDER_NO, ORDER_FORECAST_NO, etc. What's up with the _SEQ? And where can I disable it so I just get raw column names. I've attempted to google for hours, and have tried multiple versions of DataGrip, and of course played with settings.


Hello! Seems that you have synonyms in completion. Do you see, that SCC_ENHANCEED_ORDER is yellow? It means it is not _resolved_, i.e. DataGrip doesn't see it in the database tree to perform the right completion. Please, add schema where this table is located to the database tree.


Thank you Maxim, using All Schema, and waiting for everything to load fixed my problem.

I can now see all columns as expected.


And dang is it much better than SQLDeveloper!


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