Equivalent of "Open Counterpart" to e.g. open matching Template file for a Angular Component?


in xcode there is a shortcut called "Jump to Counterpart" which would navigate from e.g. `MyViewController.m` to `MyViewController.h` (ie. between header file and implementation). I was wondering if there is a similar feature in WebStorm/IntelliJ - especially in Angular this would be very useful, especially when using `ng generate` there is almost always a `my.component.ts`, `my.component.scss`, `my.component.html` .. it would be really neat to just hit a shortcut to switch between the typescript component code and the html template for example..

I guess for my usecase it would already be helpful to simply open the next sibling file in the folder of the currently open file in the editor. Is that possible? (fwiw, i know of the `Recent Files` shortcut and the Switcher, but that is not quite what i'm looking for) :)




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There is no such feature; please vote for https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-24833 and linked tickets to be notified on any progress with it

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nice, thanks for the pointer.. didn't find it, was to focused on the "counterpart" bit :)

do you happen to know if there also is no way to "open next file in folder"? or a keyboard shortcut to open the file-breadcrumb selector? :-) (Haven't found anything in youtrack or in the keymap preferences :( )

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>or a keyboard shortcut to open the file-breadcrumb selector? 

Use "Navigate | Jump to Navigation Bar" to focus that Navigation Bar (shortcut may differ based on Keymap used; but most likely it's Alt+Home).

Then just use arrow keys to navigate.

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I found this: https://github.com/pkelleter/angular-cli-quick-switch-plugin


> In an Angular component file, press Ctrl+Alt+Home. WebStorm shows a Related Symbol popup with a list of related files. In a TypeScript component file, the popup also lists all the symbols that were imported into this file.




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