IntelliJ on a pixelbook?


The Google Pixelbook now supports running linux applications within a linux container.  I've played around with it a little with the goal of getting IntelliJ working.

I initially installed snapd with the hope that I could run IntelliJ that way - it failed and I believe it was because I was attempting to run a container within a container and this is locked down from a security perspective?

Has anyone managed to get IntelliJ working on a Pixelbook?  What steps did you use to do so?

I really believe this could be my future preferred way to write software and I imagine many others do too.


I'd love for JB to have a native offering on Chromebook. I can do the setup, but I'd rather not if I can just use the Toolbox.


Instead of Android OS, what about an implementation on Chrome OS?


For Dev on Chromeos you can use my setup tool:

PHP Storm is a part of it, the only thing is that lately the IDE has been running so slow in crostini...


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