Feature request: go to previous statement, go to next statement

DataGrip already understands (most of the time) what a valid statement is (this is what powers the "execute current statement" functionality).

It would be nice if there were a keyboard command to go up (or down) to the start of adjacent statements.  

For example, if i'm in a ctas statement, it would be nice to navigate up to the drop table if exists with <some combo> + <up arrow>:

drop table if exists _blah;
create table _blah as 
from blah.blah;

This would allow you to skip around a lengthy sql script very quickly.  Of course you can use pg up / pg down now, but this would be more precise, and I think it would allow you to more quickly discern where you are when jumping around.

It's sort of related to another request I think there is floating around to make it possible to change the execute behavior so that when you press up, it doesn't automatically go to the top of the file, but just to the prior statement and so on.  Either of these would be great.

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