How to close unmodified tabs when opening a new one?

There is a feature on Sublime and VSCode that consists on: When you open a file in a new tab but you don't modify it, that tab closes when you open a new one. If you don't want that tab to close, then you hit `command+s` so it remains open.

On phpStorm and WebStorm, when you open a new file even if you don't modify it, it remains open when you open a new file.

Any ideas on how to get that functionality on phpStorm and WebStorm

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there is no such option... Please vote for to be notified on any progress with this feature.
You can use View/Quick Definition (Ctrl+Shift+I in default keymap) to preview the file without opening it in editor.

You can also try playing with editor tabs preferences (Settings | Editor | General | Editor Tabs), enable Close non-modified files first, for example.


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