Hide project directory in project tab



In order to have the purest interface as possible, I'd like to know how to hide the project directory written at the right of the project name in project tab.

I join a screenshot to show you what I'm meaning :



Hello, thanks a lot for your answer. Since I'm on Mac OS, I described how I resolved my issue with Jetbrains Toolbox : https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-126014#comment=27-2880588



Nah ... not ideal for few reasons (IMO of course).

Better way: From inside the IDE:

  • "Help | Edit Custom Properties..."
  • Agree to create file if it does not exist.
  • Insert the option without leading "-D" part
  • Restart IDE to see the changes

or the same but "Help | Edit Custom VM Options..." and insert the option as is.

First way is "more correct" AFAIK as it's an internal/app option and not VM.

This way it will survive IDE upgrade to the next major version .. as this file will be copied over together with the IDE-wide settings. With doing your way -- not sure at all (not a Mac user to start with).


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