Remove project after adding it to an existing project


I did search the form and look into each menu of phpStrom, but I was not able to find out how to remove a project, that was added to an existing project.

Could anybody give me a hint?


What I did:

1. Opened a project

2. Then: File -> Open to select another project 

3. Upon asking where to open it, I chose "in current window" and "append to existing project" (or similar ... writing from memory...)


Hi there,

Just focus that project node in the Project View panel and hit Delete (or right click and "Remove from Project View)


Thanks, Andriy! :-)

It is quite an adventure to find the right node, when the domains consist of lots of dots like

Seems that I should adapt my way of writing local testdomains :-)



Hopping onto the same question, why do I not get the option to remove a project from the project view? I only get the option to physically delete the project instead.

This is on Windows 10 and PhpStorm 2018.3, btw.


Are you clicking on a top-most project? You can't remove it from a project view because it's a "parent" or "main" project. 


No, I am not. Clicking on the top-most one doesn't give me any delete option. I had to manually delete the <module... entry in modules.xml to get rid of it again.


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