No tooltips whatsoever when viewing Typescript and Javascript files. Is this default behavior?

I'm loving the refactoring capabilities of this IDE when using Typescript with Angular but when I'm viewing a typescript file, I get can't a single tooltip to show for anything in the code file. 

I can hover over types, methods, local variables, you name it. No matter if I click them first or keep the mouse over them for 30 seconds, nothing ever appears.

I'm so used to Visual Studio where there are tooltips for practically everything. Please tell me I accidentally disabled something when I was initially configuring Webstorm.


Thanks in advance! 

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No tooltips are shown on mouse hover by default. You can hold Ctrl while hovering to see the declaration +  inferred type; to see quick docs onouse hover, try enabling Show quick documentarion on mouse move in Settings | Editor | General.

Tips: Ctrl+Q allows to view quick documentation, Ctrl+Shift+I - quick definition, Ctrl+P - parameters info. Ctrl+click/Ctrl+B allow navigating to declaration. see actions in View and Navigate main menus for more

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