(AppCode) Imported project created in XCode, breakpoints in sub-projects are skipped over


Hi! Forgive the potentially dumb question, but none of the people I'm working with have been able to figure this out either. I have an XCode project that is working as intended and fully configured for debugging that I would like to start working with in AppCode. The project contains a top level project with several sub-projects.  I opened my xcworkspace directly in AppCode and it opens and runs the project as intended without any further configuration (yay!).  I can also successfully edit and compile changes to the code within AppCode and it runs great.

Now, for debugging, I can set a breakpoint anywhere in the overall project within XCode and perform debug operations that location just fine.  In AppCode, I am able to place breakpoints anywhere in the same way and AppCode reports that they are reachable (ie. any breakpoint I set has a check mark). 

However, in trying to debug the project in AppCode, only breakpoints in the top-level project are actually automatically stopped at, any breakpoints in the sub-projects are skipped over.  I am able to step into
sub-project code from the top-level project though, so the code is in fact debuggable, but apparently just not seen by AppCode?

Why is this? Is this a configuration problem specific to AppCode? (If so, why isn't AppCode the exact same as XCode in this regard?) And most importantly, how can I fix this?


This code in the top-level project. This breakpoint is hit.

Next is the function immediately under the breakpoint above and contains its own breakpoint as well. This function is contained within sub-project of the top-level project. On execution, the top-level breakpoint is hit, but this one is not and is skipped over. I can step into this function from the above function call, but neither this breakpoint nor any other breakpoints in any sub-projects are ever hit.


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Hi Stu,


Let's try to troubleshoot this. Please do the following for both AppCode and Xcode:

  1. Set a breakpoint in your sub-project
  2. Launch the application under debugger
  3. Click the "Pause" button in the left toolbar
  4. Switch to the LLDB console and execute "br list" command

Let's compare the results between AppCode and Xcode. Hopefully, this will clear things up.


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