Can view table data (double-click) but can't query the table from console ([42P01] ERROR: relation "" does not exist)


I have connected to my DB via datagrip. The connection has been successfully, and I can also see the tables under my schema (public schema).

When I double click the table, I can see the data (!!!) and filter in the <filter criteria> line.

When I try to query (from tablename/ from public.tablename) I get the error: [42P01] ERROR: relation "tablename" does not exist.

Also I couldn't find my tables when I queried them at information_schema.columns.

I assume this has to do with some DataGrip configuration, but couldn't find anything. Any help?


Seems to found some workaround:

selecting single database mode seems to allow me to query the database, but I have more than 1 db on the given server ... 


@Nitzan Cohen Could you specify database you use and screenshots of you schema chooser and console with error? 


Same problem here. Currently experience it in the PyCharm Pro EAP 2018.3 PostgreSQL database is located on AWS and accessed via SSH tunnel. 

If using pgAdmin via the same SSH tunnel, there seems to be no issues. 

Not sure what is meant as schema choose, hope below will help

When double click on the products - gives the list of the products as expected

If right click - start console, then :

If I would 

SELECT * FROM products

then it would state that relation products does not exist. 

The latter method to query is obviously preferred and is working ok in pgAdmin. 





Do you work behind pgBouncer or similar?



To the best of my knowledge we do not use the pgBouncer, unless AWS is doing something like this behind the scene.


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