How to prevent weakening TO a type?


The inspection "Type may be weakened" has a Stop Class section that works by not weakening FROM types in the list, but I've got a problem.

I have many classes with identical auto-generated code like this:

FormListener formListener = new FormListener();
private class FormListener implements ActionListener {...} // inner class

I can't configure the inspection to prevent weakening FROM a type because there's no FROM type here, it's an inner class. The only thing common to all these is the TO class, namely ActionListener, but if I add that to the intension's list noting happens.

How can I prevent these from appearing in the Inspection Results pane?

It would actually preferable to suppress ALL warnings inside auto-generated code blocks (which have clear markers), if possible at all.


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Hello Mark,

Currenlty it's not possible.

Feel  free to create feature request on YouTrack:



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